Meet Zac & Zoe

Hi, I’m Zoe


I like my name. It’s short and everyone pronounces it right. Why is that important? I don’t really know, but it is to me!

I like everything to be neat, tidy and organised. This means I set goals and plan my finances. This includes how I earn my money, how much I earn, how much I save in the bank and how much I spend.

I receive pocket money each week in return for doing ‘extra’ jobs around the house. Yes, I said EXTRA jobs.

I help out with general family chores like making my bed, setting the table and feeding our cat called ‘Muggy’ without getting paid – and that’s cool with me.

Then there are ‘extra’ jobs that I do to help save my Mum and Dad time and money, like, helping to weed all the pot plants, sweeping up leaves and, at the moment, painting the back fence. I receive pocket money for doing these jobs.

I have a plan for every cent I earn.

  1. I always put about 1/3 into my bank account. I’m saving up for something big. (I’m not sure what that is right now though.) I earn interest on my savings. The more money I have in my account, the more interest I earn.
  2. I put 1/3 into my piggy bank. This is so I don’t have to go to the bank to withdraw money if I want something that is not really expensive.
  3. The last 1/3 I keep in my purse for ‘impulse buys’. This is little treats that I might see while I am out. Sometimes I also add a bit of my money to what Dad and Mum give to charities. I like the idea of doing this too.


Mum and Dad say that I am an ‘excellent little financial manager’ and I really like hearing that.

My friend Zac, however, is a different story! He earns money too, but I don’t think he saves anything. He doesn’t even have a bank account. Why? That’s a good question!

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Zac here!


Are you wondering what Zac is short for? You can keep guessing because I like being called plain Zac.

I know money is all about earning it, saving it and spending it. I’m good at earning money. I’m excellent at spending money. BUT, I’m not that great at saving money.

Like my friend Zoe, I receive pocket money for doing ‘extra’ jobs around the home, like washing the car, entertaining my younger brother while dinner is being cooked and washing our golden retriever called Bob – and that’s not an easy task!

My problem is that I always put all the money I earn straight into my wallet. Then, when I pass the toy shops, I get drawn in, and BAM – the next thing I know, my money is all gone!

Zoe is always asking me why I don’t have a savings account at the bank. That’s easy, I never have any money left over to put into the bank!

Perhaps I can change this.

Today I have $20. For a change, I am going to think about what to do with this $20 instead of spending it all. Do I really need another toy? Thinking, thinking … honestly, no.

So, I think I will take $15 and start a savings account at the bank. Zoe said I will earn bank interest on my savings. Money for free, sounds good to me!

From now on, every time I earn money, I will decide on an amount to put into my bank account first. Then I will put the rest into my piggy bank or wallet.


I want to feel the satisfaction of saving for something that I really want or need, instead of spending all my money right away.

I think that’s a great plan!

If you would like to make a model of me, check out the instructions and templates in the side menu.

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