Beyond Money

Welcome to Beyond Money! Are you ready to learn how to earn, save and spend your money wisely? We all need money, but learning how to manage it so you can achieve your financial goals is an important life skill. The Beyond Money program can help you do just that. In your section of the site, you will find: About Beyond Money – information about the Beyond Money program. Read this section and let your teacher know if you would like to participate. Meet Zac and Zoe – Zac, Zoe and their cheeky pig are here to help you on your Beyond Money journey. In this section you will be introduced to Zac and Zoe and will find instructions and templates to make paper craft models of them and their pig. Fascinating facts – read more about banking in Australia, bartering, early currencies and Australian notes and coins. Glossary – are you sometimes confused by those financial terms and phrases? Well, that’s OK because our glossary will help you develop your money and finance jargon!
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